Polyimide fibers ARIMID®, PION®, TVIM® have a high fireproof capability, surpass all known organic fiber materials on this indicator, long-term efficient at temperatures up to 400°C, withstand impact of open flame and thermal shock with temperature up to 1000°C, while not emitting smoke, maintaining a high strength, elasticity at temperatures from -196 up to +400°C and product frame size at higher temperatures, have low conductivity, characterized by high resistance to hard radiation and ultraviolet radiation, impact of arctic, subtropical marine climate, salt mist, petroleum, oil, chemicals and other corrosive substances and pathogenic microorganisms, mold, bacteria and viruses.

Polyimide materials are used in rocket and space technology, instrument engineering, aviation, electrical engineering, oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical, mining and other industries, as well as in the production of personal and collective protection and rescue equipment, including special clothing used in extreme conditions. The warranty period of polyimide materials is 30 years.

High-strength, high-modulus polyimide threads are the basis of promising thermo-fire-resistant organocomposites, ballistic materials, and textile products with high strength and dimensional stability under static and dynamic loads, including in the Arctic, tropics, high radiation, ultraviolet radiation, vacuum, open flames, high and ultra – low alternating temperatures, and other harmful factors.

Aramid high-strength high-modulus threads ARMOS® with a tensile strength of more than 6.0 hPa and a dynamic modulus of elasticity of more than 160 hPa, are widely used in rocket, space and aviation engineering products, in the nuclear industry, automotive industry, communications equipment, ballistic products, etc.

Armos thread has unique strength and high modulus properties and belongs to the so-called third generation fibers. In terms of its physical and mechanical properties, the Armos thread has advantages over with foreign counterparts.

Heat-resistant aramid fibers for textile use ARLANA® are resistant to high-intensity heat flow, contact with a surface heated up to 400°C, improved hygroscopicity characteristics, and are the basis of textile materials used in the production of protective clothing for staff in the oil and gas, energy, metallurgical, mining, glass, chemical and others industrial sectors, as well as protective clothing units of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations (alternative to foreign analogues Nomex, Konex, Kermel, Arcelon, Yilun-95, etc.).

Chemisorption fibers VION have a developed surface and a higher sorption rate compared to granular ionites. The high degree of gas purification (over 99%), high chemical and mechanical resistance make it possible to repeatedly use materials based on them in processes:
  • air purification from toxic gaseous substances (SO2, HF, НСl, Cl2, H2S, NO2, NH3, N2H4 etc.) during equipping ventilation filters, shelters of gas-emitting devices,
  • protective clothing for employees of acid workshops,
  • respirators,
  • sorption of metals and especially valuable substances from the aquatic environment,
  • water purification from heavy metal ions (Cu2+, Fe2+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Ni2+, Co etc.) and radionuclides (Sr90, Cs137),
  • medical materials used to treat people and animals, etc.

Ultra-filter hollow-fiber and fiber devices (UFD) they are used for water purification using non-reactive membrane technology in a number of modifications of field water supply stations and installations in areas of emergency situations, natural disasters, man-made disasters, as well as temporary settlements of people in hard-to-reach areas, in railway mobile complexes , etc.

Ultra-filter fiber devices are compact and easy to use, purify water from suspensions of organic compounds, radioactive substances, bacteria and viruses.