LIRSOT LLC is the only research and production enterprise in Russia – the right holder of exclusive and licensed rights of know-how, technical and design documentation for 8 technologies for the production of special heat-and-fire-resistant polyimide, heat-resistant aramid, high-strength and high-modulus aramid, chemisorption fibers, hollow membrane fibers and ultra-filter devices (UFD) based on them. The manufactured products are protected by 32 patents of the Russian Federation, Europe and the USA, 12 trademarks. The enterprise has a full cycle of industrial production and necessary components for the development and implementation of the modernization of existing ones, the development and production of new promising special polymer fibers, materials and products based on them, including scientific research, experimental design, training of qualified scientific and engineering and technical personnel and the organization of industrial production, has experience in the restoration and preservation of the destroyed property complex, scientific and technical base with a pilot plant, labor collective, as well as the implementation of state programs. Currently, LIRSOT LLC supplies 150 enterprises in a wide range of 79 technical specifications: from polyimide fibers ARIMID®, high-strength high-modulus aramid threads ARMOS®, heat-resistant aramid fibers for textile purposes ARLANA®, chemisorption fibers «VION», ultra-filter fiber devices (UFD) based on ultra-filter hollow devices.
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